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The ask: Create a management tool for recruiters who deal with high turn over employees. (i.e. seasonal) This tool helps facilitate the reviewing, tracking and hiring of candidates.


The Problem Definition

Product kickoff began with an experience workshop. Key team members, product manager, strategy, designers and developers spent the day working together with a goal of creating a shared vision and an MVP. We started with a problem statement. Above is where we ended up.


The Personas

Next the team tackled a Primary persona, and a Secondary persona. We wanted to answer the question, who is this for? We used the 4 quarters method, which includes pain points for each persona, and ideation/solutions that solves those pain points. 


Ideation Mapping

Next we mapped those solutions, feature ideas to the personas. If a feature solved the pain points for more than one persona it's priority went up. This created a user centric design approach to the product.


User Journeys

Next we tackled a few user journeys and a rough MVP.


User Stories & Wireframes

Together we wrote user stories, and started weekly sprints. All flows and UI were done as wireframes, while look and feel were applied later. 


Art Direction & Style Guides

The sprints were happening independent of the component sheet. We approach it this way: Use the wireframes and flow diagrams to answer, how does this work? and what componants are to be used? Then colors/fonts/spacing were applied using a style guide. We did not create pixel perfect visual design comps for each screen.

We used a weekly design sprint cadence until the product was ready to launch to the Apple store.